Induction Accelerator

Increasing the engagement, retention, and productivity of your new recruits.

Is induction one of your priorities this year?

Are you worried you can’t deliver to expectations?

Does it feel like you have a mountain of work ahead of you?

Are you feeling lost as to where to start?

But you know that the research says it's worth doing right.

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Providing great induction
can lead to...

33% increased retention

20% increase in productivity

2% increase on the bottom line

So you know that the research says that, when induction is done right, it’ll be worth it. But you still feel like you’re just muddling through, going around in circles…

Imagine If You Could...

Get clear on what you’re doing

Make sense of all the pieces, and bring it together as a cohesive programme.

Discover useful digital tools

Find tools which will streamline your onboarding, and make it easier for new employees and their managers.

Determine what’s best for you to do in-house

And what’s best to outsource, for maximum impact, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Understand exactly what you need to say

What you need to say to the stakeholders to obtain buy in and drive momentum.

Deliver a transformative induction

An induction that aligns with the business metrics your boss will understand, and which is seen as providing real ROI.

The Process

In just 6-8 weeks, you will know exactly what you need to do to deliver the induction that your business needs. Instead of figuring it all out by trial and error, you get to take advantage of expert advice and save time and money on the road to great induction.

Sussan has helped many organisations across the globe, from simple to complex, to transform their onboarding and induction into a programme that boosts retention rates and drives productivity.


Before we start working together, you will gather what we need to power the transformation of your onboarding and induction. You’ll be fascinated with what you uncover when you ask the right questions.

Session 1 - Why (2 hours)

The True Value of Induction

Quantifying early engagement and productivity

To understand the value of a great induction experience, we will calculate the impact of early engagement in terms of real business metrics. This will uncover the why behind the transformation, and identify the numbers that make it worthwhile.

  • Discover what poor induction is costing your business
  • Get clear on the indicators and measures of success for your business and how you can map it to Return on Investment
  • Identify the level of investment that makes sense for your business
  • Arm yourself with the metrics you need to make a compelling case for budget approval.

Session 2 - What (2-3 hours)

The Optimal Elements

Laying the foundation for rapid performance

In this session you will discover the optimal induction programme for your business, and get clear on what needs to be included. We will leverage your existing induction components, as well as identify the gaps and places for improvement to accelerate the success of your new induction.

  • Learn new ways of thinking about induction
  • Identify the key elements which will set your people up for success
  • Get clear on what content needs to be included
  • Discover how to leverage what you’ve already got

Session 3 - How (3 hours)

The Delivery Plan

Planning for impact, efficiency and consistency

In our third session, you’ll focus on how to make it happen. We’ll help you bring it together into a well-structured scope of work with an action plan for bringing it to fruition. You’ll have a clear plan for developing and implementing your vision, and you’ll have a good idea of the time and cost you can expect. With a clear scope of work in your hands, you’ll be able to avoid scope-creep and time-blowout, and you’ll be ready to move ahead.

  • Create a visual representation of your entire induction journey, for explaining and gaining buy-in
  • Understand which digital technologies you can leverage, to optimize implementation and ensure success
  • Determine what’s best for you to do inhouse and what’s best outsourced, for cost-efficiency and effectiveness
  • Prepare a well-considered Scope of Work, together with an expectation of time and cost
  • Be confident in presenting the pathway to a transformed induction experience
  • Get ready for rave reviews and take full credit!
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