Are You Making a Strong First Impression?

We all know that first impressions are important, but did you know that 90% of new employees decide whether to stay with a company within their first six months? With the cost of employee turnover estimated 30 - 150% of their salary, retaining new employees is crucial. First impressions last, so making a new employee feel welcome, valued and engaged from the beginning will have a long - term effect.

Most companies think about doing that on the day that new employees start. But why wait until their first day

Here’s a couple of suggestions to consider to make a strong first impression before they even start work...

Send a gift

A great way to get your new employees excited before they even start is to send them a teaser to their home. Give them a taste of what the company does or what benefits they might receive. It could be free products, branded items, or a gift that relates to the company in some way. When Ganesh joined an IT company, they sent him a funky new mouse. And when Maria agreed to join a beverage bottling company, she received a carton containing each of their brands of drinks.

An unexpected gift like this shows new employees straight away that they are going to be working for a great company, and they won’t be able to resist telling others. It might seem a little expensive, but when you consider the cost of recruiting the right person, a small gift that reassures them that they made the right decision, is well worth it. And it’s a great way to engage them from the start.

Provide a pre-start induction module

This is the perfect time to send them a short pre-induction module (and not a paper induction pack of information).  After signing his contract, Brad received a link to an online pre-induction module which gave him an interactive way to find out all about the company, the culture, the people and the core business. He felt it gave him a head start on his first day so he could get stuck in learning about his role and becoming productive sooner.

From a company’s perspective, online induction learning allows you to present the company in a consistent, professional manner so you have more control over the new employee’s first impression of the company.

Create a plan for their first day, first week and first month

Make sure they feel welcome as soon as they arrive, be there to greet them so they feel as if you have been anticipating their arrival, have their work area set up and ready to go, and have a plan for engaging them from day one.

When Lisa started working at her current company, she was given a digital induction tool with information, resources and checklist-based activities to guide her through the first few weeks.  Lisa said it was great to know what to expect in terms of her induction, and to be able to tick things off as she made progress.  She also liked it because much of it was self-driven, so she didn’t need to rely on her manager for everything.

First impressions happen fast and have a long-term effect, so make your new employees feel welcome, valued and engaged right from the beginning! Then you can continue with a well-designed induction program.